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Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! We offer 7-days free trial for all Starter plans. Agency plans have NO free trial. We suggest subscribing to the Starter plan if you want to test the functions of autoIGDM and upgrading to the agency plans during your trial to use multiple seats and multiple IG accounts for your outreach.

Where can I manage my subscription?

To manage your subscription please click here and login with your email.

Can I use AutoIGDM with multiple Instagram Accounts?

YES! With our agency plans you can choose how many seats you need. For each Instagram account, you need an additional seat for the plugin to work most efficiently.

Do I need to warm up my Instagram accounts?

If you're logging in on a Browser for the first time with your IG account, we highly recommend warming up the account for at least 2-3 days by just scrolling and following a few accounts. Then slowly start sending 10DMs and increase to 50DMs per day gradually.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes. Sign up, share your unique referral link, and start earning up to 30% commission on every referral purchase. Simple, rewarding, and designed for you.

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Problems with the Extension?


Most common issues are solved with the following steps:

  • Use a new Chrome session (Click on Chrome Profile → Add new)

  • Make sure only AutoIGDM is installed, no other extension.

  • Enable pop-ups and clipboard access if asked for it

  • Disable all Ad-blockers on that Chrome session

  • Don’t close the Instagram tab when running the extension

  • Don’t click around on the Tab on which the extension is active

Uninstall & reinstall the extension

Right click on the extension and delete it, then download the AutoIGDM extension again. If it still doesn't work, try the other methods below.

Clear cookies & history

Go to chrome => Click on settings top right => 'History' => 'history' => 'clear browsing data' => period: 'all data' => select only 'browsing history' , 'download history', 'cookies and other site data'

Safety limits on Instagram

Follow & Message limits per day

A safe daily limit to respect is 50 cold DMs per account.

IMPORTANT: In the first 2-3 days after logging in to your account from Chrome or a new IP, you need to warm up by just scrolling and liking some posts. Then slowly start sending messages and gradually increase from 10-50 messages/day.

Follow & Message limits per hour

Limits per hour are max. 10 followings and 10 messages.

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