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Automated Cold DMs

Effortlessly grow your business with fully automated Instagram cold outreach,

cloud-based execution, and built-in lead generation

Proxy included

No computer or extension needed

Leads included

Coding with Robby

Join 1000+ Companies Automating Client Acquisition with AutoIGDM

Cold outreach

won't help you


get quality leads quickly if you...

quality leads quickly if you...

Spend hours daily doing manual cold outreach on Instagram

Are not consistently

sending outreach DMs

every single day

Are not consistently sending

outreach DMs every single day

Send messages to

wrong & unqualified


Send messages to

wrong & unqualified Leads



The only cold outreach tool that fully automates Instagram DMs and gets you replies

Connect and manage all your Instagram accounts in one place

Simply connect one or many Instagram Accounts for your Outreach.

  • Add more Accounts with one click

  • Highest Quality Mobile Proxy included with every account

  • Connect multiple Accounts to the same campaign for instant scaling

Target your ideal clients with advanced lead filters

- Schedule your Campaign in any timezone you want

- Choose Days and times to send messages

- Add random days off to make your outreach even safe

  • Filter leads based on Profile Pic, Bio, and Website Links

  • Choose to message Private, Business, or both account types

  • Set specific minimum and maximum Follower counts and post amounts

  • Automatically exclude leads you’ve already contacted

Always reach your ideal clients with message sequences & automated follow- ups

- Send unique and personalized DMs to each Lead

- Automatically send follow-ups to Leads that didn't respond

  • Send unique and personalized DMs to each Lead

  • AI-Driven First Name detection

  • Automatically send follow-ups to Leads that didn't respond

Message the right people at the right time

- Schedule your Campaign in any timezone you want

- Choose Days and times to send messages

- Add random days off to make your outreach even safer

  • Schedule campaigns in any timezone you prefer

  • Select days and times to send messages

  • Incorporate random days off to enhance outreach safety

Everything you need in one simple dashboard

Our unique, clean, and efficient dashboard allows you to effortlessly manage accounts, campaigns, statistics, and more, all in one place, eliminating the need for any extensions, additional computers, or other resources.

Add unlimited Instagram

accounts In 1 click

Scale your outreach results by managing multiple Instagram accounts seamlessly:

  • Centralized Management: Handle all your accounts from a single dashboard.

  • Effortless Scaling: Add more accounts as your

    business grows.

  • Consistent Messaging: Ensure a uniform outreach

    strategy across all accounts.

Get leads on Autopilot with AutoIGDM Pro

AutoIGDM Pro ensures you get leads on autopilot by consistently managing your Instagram outreach, targeting the right audience, and operating 24/7. This consistent and efficient approach means your messages are always on time and present, maximizing engagement and lead generation.

AutoIGDM Pro handles everything for you, from initial contact to follow- ups, while you focus on closing those Leads!


the right

choice for you?


Boost your engagement and conversion rates effortlessly with automated, personalized messaging that reaches the right audience at the right time


Streamline your Instagram outreach and

focus on strategic growth while our AI

handles the repetitive


Scale your client outreach operations efficiently and manage multiple accounts with ease, freeing up your team to focus on creative strategies

When you're ready

for multi-account outreach,

AutoIGDM Pro

has you covered!

Sign up for free and start your automated outreach today!

Sign up in less than 60 seconds

  • 7-Day Free Trial

  • Automated Lead Generation

  • 1,500 DMs a month per Account

  • 100% Cloud-based

  • Fully Automated - Zero Work

  • Mobile Proxy included

  • Advanced Lead Targeting

  • Smart AI Lead Filtering

  • Add more Accounts with one click

  • 1:1 Onboarding Success call

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It's a no-brainer

Hundreds of businesses have boosted their outreach with AutoIGDM Pro, and who says no to more clients?

Automate Your Outreach

Send 5x More DMs Daily

Eliminate the manual work and automate your Instagram DMs to reach more potential clients effortlessly

Boost Your Conversions

Increase Sales by 10x

See a significant incerase in your sales and higher conversions rates with our AI-powered messaging system.

Grow Your Client List

Expand Your Reach by 10-15x

Grow your client list faster than ever before with targeted and automated outreach

Advanced Targeting & Filtering

Find High-Quality Leads

Use advanced targeting and AI filtering to engage with high-quality leads that convert.

Maximize your ROI

Worth Every Penny

AutoIGDM Pro pays for itself by boosting your engagement and conversions, ensuring a high return on investment.

Scalable Solution

Manage Multiple Accounts

Scale your outreach effortlessly with the ability to manage multiple Instagram accounts from a single dashboard

Watch the Demo below to see what PRO can do for you!

What are you waiting for?

Your next client is just one DM away.

Join hundreds of companies getting clients on Instagram


Still have a question?

Contact us! We’ll be happy to help you.

What is the difference between the Starter and Pro plans?

With the Starter Plan you can automate Instagram DMs by using our Chrome Extension. The Extension is going to simulate human behaviour and send out all DMs for you in the background while your machine is running.

With Pro you fully automate your Outreach on Instagram. You don't need an Extension or Computer running at any time. It's all running on our cloud, and is consistently sending cold DMs for you. You only answer to all replies and close the Leads into clients.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, both the Starter and Pro Plans offer a 7-day free trial for 1 seat. No commitment, cancel at any time.

For additional seats, you will have to upgrade a paid plan.

How many Instagram accounts can I manage with each plan?

Starter Plan: Supports 1, 5, or 10 Instagram accounts based on the plan you choose.

Pro Plan: Can manage multiple Instagram accounts with no limits, making it ideal for larger-scale. You can add additional seats anytime with one-click on your dashboard.

What does 'done-for-you' mean in the Pro Plan?

The Pro Plan automates the entire outreach process. You don't need to use any tools, computers, or extensions. The system handles targeting, messaging, and follow-ups automatically.

What kind of support is included in each plan?

Both plans include priority support. The Pro Plan also offers access to a private community of Pro users for additional support and networking as well as a free 1:1 onboarding call with our success team to guarantee results with your campaigns.

How does the "Smart AI targeting" work?

The Pro Plan uses advanced AI to target potential clients based on hashtags, specific users, followers, and post engagements. It also filters leads by follower count, post count, profile picture and more, to ensure the highest-quality outreach.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. There are no long-term commitments.

Do I need any additional tools or software to use these plans?

Starter Plan: Requires the AutoIGDM extension and a Chrome Browser with constant internet connection.

Pro Plan: Completely cloud-based and does not require any additional tools, software, or extensions.

How do I know if the Pro Plan is right for me?

The Pro Plan is perfect if you are looking for a fully automated outreach solution that requires no manual effort. It is ideal for businesses that need to manage multiple Instagram accounts and want to leverage advanced AI targeting and filtering for their outreach.

Do Instagram cold DMs actually work to get new clients?

Yes, hundreds of users successfully close new clients through Instagram cold DMs on a daily basis. The key is to send personalized and relevant messages that resonate with your target audience. AutoIGDM helps automate this process while maintaining a personal touch. In cold outreach, Volume is key and that's why you will have much more success using our automation tools, compared to manual outreach.

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